World Cup Chic

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks  you know the 2014 Fifa World Cup is happening in Brazil right now!
My home country didn’t make the cut (it never does…) and it gives me some freedom regarding which country I support, that usually happens to be the one with the hottest player (Cristiano Ronaldo, anyone?)
Truth is I enjoy the game, no matter who wins, so I thought these Toms with all the flags would represent best my world fan status. Add some white denim, my favorite chambray shirt and a fabulous bag, and you’ll have a simple, yet chic summer futbol assemble.
World Cup Chic

Deal Alert!! Birkenstock inspired sandals from Kohl’s

As you might have seen, the ugly, Birkenstock like sandals are everywhere this summer. I’ve been wanting to try them because they seem too darn comfortable, but wasn’t willing to spend $89.99 they retail for at Zappos and other online retailers.

Walking around Kohl’s last saturday I saw this model from Mudd for $29.99 at that time, but they didn’t have my size. Yesterday I go back to the store and I’m happily surprised they have my size for $26.99 plus a $10 off $25 coupon, making the actual price $16.99 (I also had a $10 kohl’s cash so I paid $6.99 + tax)

They are super comfortable, well made and incredibly affordable! Hurry to A Kohl’s store or order online using promo code HONOR10 until 5/26.

Here’s a pic of how mines look!


Good Friday hat buying !

I hope everybody had a great easter! I’ve been quite busy with work and planning a trip to Europe. In less than a week boyfriend and I will be strolling around London, riding bikes in Amsterdam and eating macarons in Paris, I am so excited!

Here’s what I wore on Good Friday (minus the hat). We went to a hat store in North Miami and they had quite unique pieces, not really my style, but I had a lot of fun!

Good Friday hat buying !